It is with great pleasure that we open the registration for the next one-year cohort of La Maison des champions (MDC), which is expected to start Thursday, August 20th. 

The first two cohorts of the MDC included only athletes in transition. Through different experiences over the last three years, we came to realize that the program was too precious to limit it to athletes. For that reason, we decided to open our door to people, anyone, that identify with being in transition and that their attachment to their identity as achievers is now a limitation. 

We have come to understand that the notion of transition is still very taboo in our society. Below are some information about the project to help you help us recruit participants :

In order to achieve high levels of performance, whether in sports, business, the military or any other organizations, we often develop ways of being that allow us to maximize our impact. We come to identify with our role and our results. Simply put, we have a tendency to pretend we are our role and to think that our value in life is the sum of our professional results.   

You might say that it is a simplistic way of looking at life. You are right. Simplicity is reassuring. Hello, my name is XYZ and I am a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a skier, a soldier, a professor, etc. It is indeed a part of us, but it is not its entirety. Maybe the simplicity comforts us because it gives us an answer. This answer is clearly incomplete. Imagine the impact of the question; “who are you?” when one finds itself at the end of a high-performance cycle. Who am I if I can no longer be my role? Our self esteem gets hit pretty hard. It’s tough not only for ourself, but for the ones that share our daily lives. 

When you are alone, you feel like you are the only one going through this… But it’s false. When we are at the end of a cycle, we are all invited to develop new filters to make decisions that are now adapted to the new reality that we are trying to assimilate. A filter that allows us to see the realm of possibilities in a more nuanced way and with confidence. 

You recognize yourself after reading this? A friend or a family member? La Maison des champions is there to welcome you. Next cohort: August 20th, 2020.

Learn more about the program of the Maison des champions here.