Relationship since : January 2010

Premier Tech’s Environmental Technologies Group is an international leader in the field of onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment and rainwater harvesting for the residential, commercial, community and industrial sectors with operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia accounting for sales of over $ 100 million.

Henri Ouellet
President of the Environmental Technologies Group
Premier Tech

“ We work with CANU to accelerate the integration of the companies that we acquire. Just like Maxime always says, « You can’t win a race at the start but you can certainly lose it with a bad start”. We want to make sure that we create efficient communication channels right from the beginning so that team members can experience the power of being one aligned team as quickly as possible. ”

Henri Ouellet



Premier Tech’S Environmental Technologies Group’s strategy is to grow organically and through acquisitions on the international market. The Group aims to be in the top 3 within all markets where it decides to invest.


  • Making Premier Tech’s culture and business model understood, accepted and integrated
  • Minimize loss of time, energy and performance during the integration
  • Respect and appreciate different national cultures while integrating the Premier Tech culture
  • Achieve integration quickly to materialize strategic synergies as fast as possible


  • Support the leader in positioning himself as a passionate and rallying force that inspires performance
  • Energize the team that is often out of breath after months of intense due diligence during which they had to maintain operations
  • Allow new team members to quickly understand the buying organization : values, rituals, vision, strategic plan, management tools and expectations
  • Leverage the strengths of the acquired company
  • Create a safe environment to go beyond initial perceptions, put guards down to have true conversations from the beginning
  • Prepare change in opening up the space for the sharing of preoccupations and responding to them


Our client wants to be successful with his acquisitions because he has ambitious growth goals. If he failed an acquisition because the integration phase was not smooth; he would lose time, money and energy. This would delay his other development projects and would compromise reaching his long term goals.

Within the acquisition process of a company, the due diligence phase is highly demanding emotionally and in terms of workload for the management team of the acquired company, their shareholders and also for the top management of the acquiring company. This means that on the day that the deal becomes effective, when the results of the acquired company are integrated to the purchasing company, there is a risk of a drop in energy, slowing down operations and lowering performance. Our mandates have successfully contributed to minimizing that risk as we were creating an “accelerating moment” for the team.

CANU being a third party, we have the necessary perspective to create a space to help both entities understand each other quickly in a rallying and mobilizing set-up. We prepared, delivered and did the necessary follow-ups on a 1 day session so that new team members of the acquired company could embark rapidly in the Environmental Technologies Group’s journey and begin aligning themselves on the global strategy. We did the exercise for 3 acquisitions in 2010, 2013 and 2014.


3 mandates

4 years of collaboration

4 countries: Head office in Canada purchases companies in France, the United Kingdom and Germany

30 managers

30 individual interviews in the preparation stage

“ The rigorous approach developed within the frame of our partnership ensures that no stones are left unturned. When we leave a session with Premier Tech’s Environmental Technologies Group we feel that participants have shown vulnerability and that what was expressed is taken into account for the development of the organization. ”

Maxime Boilard

Maxime Boilard
President and founder


An integration workshop the week following the acquisition

In preparation for our 1 day workshops we held 4 sessions with our client and the managing director of the company being purchased. In addition we conducted individual interviews with all team members to understand the context and rapidly create a trust with the team.

We then design our interventions taking into account the context, the challenges, the leverages, the pitfalls to avoid, as well as the vision of Premier Tech in order for the team to have the conversations they needed to have at the stage they were at. Participants revealed themselves, trust was built, and individual commitments were taken.

At the end of our sessions the participants answered an anonymous evaluation questionnaire so we could see if there was a gap between what was said out loud and what people were really thinking.

We then built our reports and held follow up sessions with both leaders to equip them for the next steps of the integration based on our interpretation of the outcome of the sessions.


  • 3 integrations started on a powerful note
  • More clarity regarding what to consider in the post-acquisition action plan
  • Individual development initiatives to be implemented
  • A safe space for team members to have constructive conversations with sports landmarks acting as a common vocabulary
  • 4 management teams that share the feeling of being in the same boat : Premier Tech’s!