team member
Guillaume Solar-Pelletier


My name is Guillaume Solar-Pelletier and I am someone who lives to discover. Discover about myself and the world around me. I love learning from others, I love when they learn more about themselves while in my company. See and feel, in not so many words, that’s what I do. I film, I capture, and I give people the opportunity to see themselves the way I like to be seen. Even if it’s not always pleasant, it’s always constructive. I’m a videographer.

At CANU, I welcome people as they are, with the intention of helping them get where they want to be. I’m the videographer, the butler, the boatman, the builder, and the facilitator. I like to receive guests in a relaxed setting, in order to create a climate of trust because even constructive conversations can be difficult. Chase away the shadows and let the light shine in.

That’s right! I love being profound, but too much can be tiring. That’s when laughter becomes my escape, a maladaptive coping mechanism that only serves to internalize the pain. Sometimes I get too serious and a real greek tragedy starts brewing within. It takes colleagues and friends to dig oneself out of these predicaments. I think I found the right home at CANU.

There’s a saying that nature abhors a vacuum; so what are you willing to let go of in order to get more meaning out of your relationships?