team member
Jo-Annie Fortin

Jo-Annie competed in the 2012 London Olympic games. Her teammates on the synchronized swimming team thought of her as an old soul and a positive leader. In the face of uncertainty and in times of stress, she was known as “The Rock”; she was always able to find the energy and the right words to mobilize her team.

She graduated in psychology at McGill University in 2015, and will soon complete a master’s degree in organizational development at HEC Montreal. As part of her thesis, she is conducting a research project e-leadership—that is leadership in a context where managers are working remotely from their employees. She strongly believes that performance and well-being go hand in hand, and that managers play an important role in the promotion of work environments in which employees can reach their full potential.

Her strongest assets: her ability to solve problems, synthesize information, develop and communicate strategies, as well as her capacity to create a positive personal impact and her passion for human development.

As a speaker, she shares her passion through stories and metaphors to inspire her audience and motivate individuals to stretch themselves and work together in the pursuit of a collective goal.

• 1st place Pan-American Games, 2011
• 4th place Olympic games, 2012
• B.A. Honours psychology, McGill University, 2015
• M.Sc. Organizational development, HEC Montreal (ongoing)
• Motivational speaker, 2014-2017