team member

With Lucie Leduc‘s professional support, you benefit not only from the qualities of a professional coach, but also from the insight of an experienced manager. Always warm and caring, she knows how to decipher the real needs of her clients and helps them surmount even the most difficult challenges. Her unique profile makes her a valuable ally, especially for managers who wish to be understood in their experiences.

Before following her passion for coaching, Lucie held various management positions within an industry in deep turmoil, going from growth to decline. That’s precisely why she is able to thoroughly understand the challenges of consolidating a team in a context of change.

Her authentic management style has contributed to foster the commitment of her employees, colleagues and peers, towards achieving common goals. She has been able to deal with multi-disciplinary, multi-ethnic and multi-generational teams in order to bring out the best in everyone while respecting their differences.

After these years rich in experiences, she followed her heart and began a professional training at New Ventures West School, where she obtained her certification. Then, she received the ACC accreditation by the International Coach Federation.

Since then Lucie Leduc has been helping many managers and entrepreneurs to explore new opportunities and to develop additional skills, both at a professional and a human level in order to bring about long-term change within their organisations.

She contributes to build commitment and engagement within teams, as well as to consolidate the company achievements by using an action learning approach.