cropped-Screen-Shot-2017-10-25-at-8.41.38-AMI have had the great pleasure for the past few years to collaborate within CANU with Jo-Annie Fortin, organizational development consultant and keynote speaker. Jo-Annie is an Olympic athlete with 17 years of experience in synchronized swimming. She just completed her master’s degree at HEC Montreal. A few weeks back she wrote a blog article about the consequences of the her never-ending quest for perfection.

Jo-Annie comes from a world where you need to smile when you’re hurting, stop breathing so that your teammates can emerge on top and make the judges buy your story so that you can get on the podium. It’s the cross road between art, sport, and show business.

A metaphor for life where it is dangerous to drown some parts of yourself if you are not vigilant.

It felt as if a violent storm was raging inside me. Chocking me. Drowning me. For the first time in my life, I was paying the price for pushing my limits too far (they literally slapped me in the face). I had no other choice but to listen to my body and take some time off. For several weeks, my only goal was to get through each day as slowly and gently as I could.

When human beings meet their limits, it is tragic and beautiful at the same time. A reminder of the fragility of life. Her intimate testimonial demonstrates the importance of listening to what the body and the heart have to say in order to temper the stories of will that the mind is telling itself.

What if being well was enough?

From the bottom of my heart thank you Jo-Annie.