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20 04/2021

The Team Building 101 series : Lesson 2 now available

How to monitor your team’s wellbeing?

It is the state of your team that interests us this week in the context of the Team Building 101 series. When we define ourselves largely by our work, which a large proportion of us do, we tend to prioritize the mission of our companies to our wellbeing. Working in a culture of speed where being overwhelmed is the new norm can mean being submerged by the amount of initiatives and changes … that until we can’t do it all anymore. 

Then comes the medical leave of absence. A leave that costs the employee dearly in terms of the impacts it has on her or his experience.  A leave that directly impacts the business. These costs go far beyond. The objective of the reflection that we propose is not to breakdown the costs but rather to encourage you to play your role as a leader and to be vigilant, benevolent and in these times of COVID to act as a unifying leader. Enjoy!

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26 03/2021

The Team Building 101 series, Lesson 1 is now available !

Team Building 101 : The series

Lesson 1 : What is a Team Building ?

Have you ever Googled “What is a Team Building” ? If so, it is possible you felt overwhelmed by the amount of information available to you! More so, you probably felt that there were so many different perspectives.

Lesson 0 of our Team Building 101 Series introduced you to the myths associated with team building. Here, Lesson 1 presents the most common ways of doing team building.

Between the social gathering and the cultural transformation, there is a world of possibilities. Watch this video below in order to help you play your role as a leader of a high performance team, which presents the three main categories.

In fact, that is the question that we will help you answer in our next lesson together. Stay tuned on our different platforms : LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook & Instagram to get information to develop a high performing team.


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12 03/2021


We have been working with high performance sport teams and businesses for over 15 years to take them to their next level of performance.

CANU has launched the TEAM BUILDING 101 : THE SERIES to help you be proactive and take the development of your team in your hands! In the next few months, we will be releasing a series of videos that will allow you to transform your team dynamic and come out of the pandemic stronger together!

Take lesson 0 here.


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21 10/2020


We may have been forced to practice physical distancing however that did not mean we would avoid getting together to go inside the organisation. We are speaking metaphorically. Words are important. We were not social distancing. We have been Normandin Beaudry’s partners since 2016 to help with their cultural evolution. Culture is as social as social gets. Too many organisations fear losing their pre-pandemic culture because of remote work.

Here’s the story of an innovative collaboration.

A true pandemic adaptation success! 

Discover the rest of the story here.


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