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Sales and Marketing
Group Insurance
La Capitale Financial Group

I teamed up with CANU to speed up my team’s development during a period of historical change for our organization. What struck me the most was the power of the diagnostic process: we observed ourselves, we recognized who we were, we understood each other, and we realized the importance of change in order to reach our vision. The benchmarks established during our partnership with CANU have provided us with a clear direction, and the new vocabulary acquired during this experience has helped
to align our efforts.

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High Performance Director
Alpine Canada Alpin

We partnered with CANU to help us support a cultural shift within our team that was fostered by empowerment.
I was very impressed with their rigorous and personalized approach to create powerful and “out of our comfort zone” conversations. Their facilitation skills are outstanding. The outcome of our work has become the foundation of our team dynamics en route to the next Paralympic Games.

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The Environmental Technologies Group of Premier Tech

We worked with CANU during our last three acquisitions. Each time, our partnership helped the new team members to quickly understand our organization; and to restore energy to a team that was often “running out of steam” after intense months of “due diligence”. CANU helped accelerate the integration process and minimize the losses in productivity during the transition. A race is not won at the beginning but it can be lost with a poor start!