Whatever our role, we are all inhabited by a deep desire to be seen and accepted for who we are, to freely express our natural talents with confidence, both in our professional and personal lives. Our identity is shaped by our family, culture, experiences and our habits. Thus, we develop a way of being that is unique, which in turn, gets embedded in our body and shapes our reality and how we see the world. Through either appropriate or inappropriate behaviours, we face daily challenges with reflexes that are expressed in how we act in relationships, how we manage our emotions and how we think.

This coaching addresses a leader’s need to learn, through a hands-on approach, how to deal efficiently with the changes that regularly upend our habitual way of being and of doing things. To bring to reality what is dearest to a person’s heart, this coaching awakens greater awareness by integrating new practices and routines.



Integral Coaching favors the evolution of know-how, life skills and awareness. This approach looks to enhance competencies that will allow the coachee to excel in the key areas of their life. To do this, it takes into account the mind, the heart and the body. It also helps to develop the capacity to self-observe and self-correct whenever actions are not aligned with intentions, as well as to develop the capacity to learn and advance autonomously in other domains of competency.


CANU offers a one on one coaching service that allows individuals to progress in their development. Undoubtedly, there are a host of schools and approaches available to entrepreneurs, business leaders and high level athletes. CANU favored Integral Development because of the congruence with CANU’s essence which can be defined as a standard of excellence, a holistic approach to personal growth, inquisitive and powerful questioning, daily training as well as focus.