Navigate at the heart of Agility

Pyxis and CANU join forces to offer you a two day training: learn and experiment the values and principles of Agility on the water in a canoe to live a unifying and mobilizing experience.


This course is distinguished from others by its conduct in action. As the course takes place in a canoe, participants apply and experience the fundamentals and potential of Agility.

At the end of this course, participants will be better equipped to adopt Agile values and behaviors in their daily actions.


Benefits of the course 
  • Actively learn (or deepen your knowledge of) the fundamentals of Agility
  • Consolidate team dynamics
  • Allow teams to see themselves as they are now and as they want to become
  • Provide avenues for development
  • Have fun.
Who should attend?
  • Everyone who is interested in Agility and who wishes to go off the beaten track.
  • All organizations interested in the values and principles of Agility or individual and organizational development.
  • Teams embarking on a new Agile project and who want to understand what to expect.
  • Those who face challenges and want to do better with the foundations and values of Agility.
Sequence of events

This two-day course offers a rich experience. In fact, participants will alternate between theory, experience on water, and learning sharing. After each trip on the water, they will have a systemic debriefing session to talk about their experience.


Themes that will be adressed
  • The values and principles of Agility
  • The high-performance Agile team
  • Continuous improvement
  • Response to change
  • Communication
  • Pace and energy management
  • Project launching
  • Leadership subtleties and its effects on mobilization
  • The power of vulnerability
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Challenges of implementing Agility



Unit price : $1,495 

Price per canoe: $15,000 (8-12 participants)—This option allows you to embark your teams in an Agile adventure.  
Please contact Marie-Maude, training coordinator at Pyxis, to find out more about the “Navigate at the heart of Agility” course.


About Pyxis

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