MOBILISE & develop YOUR TEAMS with a learning approach used at the highest level of performance



You are organizing:

  • A team building event
  • A strategic meeting
  • An offsite meeting
  • An annual convention
  • A conference

CANU is here to create the environment that will make this strategic event a cornerstone in the development of your team members.


CANU’S involvement in your event will allow you to:

  • Mobilize your team members with a rigorous, structured approach through the use of powerful imagery
  • Generate higher consciousness around the leverages and the roadblocks surrounding performance
  • Offer recognition to your team through a conference highlighting the champion within each team member
  • Create an interactive and rallying experience of the highest standard for your team
  • Enjoy the event with your team members as CANU takes control of the facilitation
  • Integrate development landmarks to open new possibilities for your teams

Conferences, interactive workshops and on water events are all means by which your team’s strategic event can come to life. In each case, strategic preparation meetings are held ahead of the event in order to tailor the activity to the leader’s needs, the challenges the organisation is facing as well as the objectives pursued for the event.

Whichever form CANU’s contribution takes, varying from forty minutes to two days, it consists of a mix of collective and individual exercises that speaks to the physical, the psychological and the emotional aspect of human performance. In order to help you follow-up on with your team and get the most return on your strategic event, a debrief meeting with the leader and the organizing committee is held so you feel supported.