team member
Maxime Boilard, OLY

President, coach and speaker

My name is Maxime Boilard and I grew up in Lac-Beauport, a suburb of Quebec City. At 10 years of age I became a member of the Club Canoe-kayak. Their organization has consistently sent athletes to the Olympic Games starting as far back as Mexico in 1968. On my first attempt I fell into the water, and in love with the sport. Wow! What a challenge! I grew up in a high-performance environment.

I founded CANU in 2007 to help companies translate organizational performance into individual accomplishment and to provide a client experience that has no equal. It has long been said that during my years as an athlete I was pig-headed. I focused on myself. Now that I’m a Daddy-preneur, I aspire to more unifying possibilities! I’m driven by my athlete-businessman profile and am motivated to enhance my personal development by asking myself questions that will redefine the limits of my future potential but keep me grounded in the present.

Being in contact with my children every day I’ve learned: the power of curiosity, the possibilities that come with wonder, presence, listening, love. I’ve been practicing running at the amateur level since 2008 and every day it teaches me about the management of energy and the virtue of patience. I amuse myself with words, I love to laugh and to make others laugh.

I’ve been bearing the CANU torch since 2007 and have acted as a coach and speaker-facilitator in order to reveal potential, be it individual, organizational or through partnerships with our clients.


Here are some steps I took along my journey to help you get to know me better:

  • Member of the national canoe team, 1993-2004
  • 4th place in solo canoe at the Sydney Olympic Games, 2000
  • Vice-champion of the world in C4 (men’s 4 canoe), 2002-2003
  • Analyst in canoe, kayak and rowing at Radio Canada television and on Reseau Des Sports for the 2008 (Peking) and 2012 (London) Olympics.
  • BAA in Finance and marketing at HEC-Montreal, 2005
  • Global Village for Future Leaders of Business and Industry – Iacocca Institute, University of Lehigh, Pennsylvania, 2005
  • Guest speaker for the Executive MBA, McGill HEC-Montreal, 2009
  • Partner in the Peter Koenig System, since 2011
  • Journalist in leadership for the magazine Premier en Affaires, 2012-2013
  • Initiator of  the mentoring project for the Réseau de l’Athlète D’Excellence affiliated to the Fondation de l’Athlète d’Excellence du Québec since 2012
  • Facilitator-Coach at John-Molson School of Business’s Executive MBA, at Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference, at Maison des Leaders and at École d’entrepreneurship de Beauce
  • Facilitator-Coach for the Canadian Olympic Wrestling Team
  • Facilitator-Coach for the Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team