10 03/2017


CANU’s coaching brings heart and body to the practice of leadership. Our partnership with L’École d’entrepreneurship de Beauce is a great example of how powerful the learning experience can be when CEO’s  slow down and interpret their sensations in action to become better leaders.


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10 02/2017


In 2015, Planifika, a consulting firm specialized in real estate asset management and infrastructure, chose to team up with CANU during a pivotal moment in the life of their organization. Three years ago, after 11 years as a subsidiary of a group of architects, Planifika separated its business unit and has been flourishing as its own separate entity. The President feels the need to pause and undertake an organizational diagnosis in order to accelerate the growth of the firm while maintaining its day-to-day performance.

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12 01/2016

CANU unveils rebrand to kick off the new year!

CANU - Embodying Performance from CANU on Vimeo.

Embodying performance.

Created during a year-long rebranding process, CANU’s new slogan is the pillar of the organization’s refreshed brand identity. While a clean, new and vibrantly-coloured logo was also unveiled, it was the process of developing the new slogan, as well as the message it conveyed, that most engaged our team and its President and Founder, Maxime Boilard.

“The new Embodying Performance slogan focuses on the results-driven orientation of our organization. Not only does it better represent who we are, but it also focuses on what sets us apart in terms of our DNA and unique methodologies.”

Embodying Performance is a tangible promise that focuses on the sensations, needs, aspirations and experience of the team that holds itself accountable to perform. The slogan also represents our daily commitment to our clients, partners and employees, since the idea of Embodying Performance wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of our team throughout the adventure.

CANU’s unique approach is tailored for leaders in both sport and business facing changes of historical importance. Some talk about change, others speculate about it, others manage it…We are committed to making you live it in a way that accelerates performance. The CANU process is geared towards the experience and perspective of the leader – and his team – looking to implement individual and organizational changes that are both concrete and lucrative.

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